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Bun Coffee specialises in premium Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance and Australian Coffees as well as a wide range of single origin coffees. Available as whole beans or ground. 

100% Australian Grown Coffee

A smooth blend of Australian grown Arabica beans. Sweet and slightly chocolaty with a low acidity and rich nutty finish.  Naturally low in caffeine and free from pesticides.
Due to climate and soil type this coffee is naturally low in acidity and caffeine making it smooth and easier on the digestive system than most coffee.
The coffee exhibits a rich, smooth sweetness and distinctly earthy flavour unique to Australian coffees. 
This is an all Australian product with every stage of production from seedling to trees to harvesting, processing, roasting, packaging and finally retailing taking place in Australia .

Coffee has been grown in Australia for nearly 200 years but it was in the 1880's that it really began to flourish, winning medals in Europe. However the industry was competing with "coffee slaves" overseas and the high labour costs saw the decline of the industry until the late 1980's when progress in mechanical harvesting techniques led to a resurgence in plantings. In fact the world's first mechanical harvester was designed and built on a plantation in North Queensland and it revolutionised harvesting and the cost of harvesting making the industry more competitive.

There are two main growing areas in the country, both on the east coast. There is the sub-tropical area stretching from Coffs Harbour in the south up to Noosa in the north, with a large number of plantations in the Byron Bay hinterland area. Then there is the tropical growing area in North Queensland mostly on the Atherton Tablelands. Despite not having the altitude of the more equatorial growing regions the latitude produces similar conditions and the rich soils and pristine environment which is free from pests and disease allow coffee to be grown free from pesticides. 

Cafe Blend 100% Arabica

This is an exceptionally flavoursome blend of 100% Arabica beans. It's sweet and bright with chocolaty overtones, making a smooth milk based coffee with no trace of bitterness. All the beans are grown on Rainforest Alliance certified forested coffee farms that conserve ecosystems and give growers and their families a better quality of life.

100% Organic Naturally Decaffeinated Coffee

Smooth and sweet, with exceptional flavour, you'd never guess it's decaffeinated!  This 100% organic coffee is shade grown, Rainforest Alliance Certified, and decaffeinated using the 100% chemical-free swiss water process. The cup is medium bodied and creamy, with a nice balance between the acidity, a small amount of fruitiness and a mild sweetness.

100% Certified Organic Coffee

A velvety smooth, rich and full bodied blend of 100% certified organic coffee beans from Central America, Papua New Guinea and Ethiopia. This coffee makes a truly superb espresso with hints of liquorice and caramel in the aftertaste. Only 'A' grade certified organic and certified Fair Trade arabica beans are used in this blend. No chemicals, pesticides or sprays have been used in the growing, importing or roasting process.

100% Shade Grown Rainforest Coffee

Deliciously smooth and alive with flavour, the coffee used in this blend is shade grown on certified forested farms in Central and South America. It's a unique blend that exhibits intense aromas of fruit and flowers, and is sweet and bright with excellent acidity. It makes a complex, intense espresso and a smooth, full flavoured milk based coffee. All the beans are Rainforest Alliance Certified, and grown under the banner of the Sustainable Agricultural Network, conserving ecosystems and giving growers a better quality of life.

Strong Espresso Blend 100% Organic

Strong, powerful yet beautifully balanced and smooth, this rich blend will satisfy anyone looking for an Italian-style espresso with a real kick. The blend uses only 100% organic beans and includes a percentage of organic Mexican robusta.

Father's Day Blend

A simple blend of beans from Colombia, Costa Rica & Mexico this coffee was developed by roaster & father of three David Kennedy and lies at the very heart of the Bun Coffee story. The blend was the first blend I ever developed. It was in 1989 and we were opening a Cafe/Patisserie in the Sydney suburb of Glebe. Part of the process was to develop a unique blend for the cafe. This led me to a small boutique roaster on Sydney's North Shore where I spent time formulating the blend with their master roaster. The process of doing this led me to fall in love with the process of taking green coffee beans from far flung parts of the world and roasting and blending them to create distinct flavoursome blends.

After selling the cafe/patisserie I joined the roaster and started my coffee career. The name Bun comes from those patisserie days when my friends used to call the shop the "sticky bun" shop, and, well the name stuck and I became Mr Bun.

This blend is therefore very dear to my heart and one of my favourite coffees, reminding me of those 04:30 starts in the business and how a double espresso of this every morning provided the motivation for my day! The original name for this blend was Continental Blend but we decided to change it to Father’s Day Blend to celebrate Father’s Day and in honour of the fathers who work at Bun Coffee.

It is strong and rich with a beautiful caramel characteristic and rich liquorice finish.

The beans we use are all either Rain Forest Alliance certified, Organic certified or Fair Trade.

Christmas Blend

This blend is brand new having been created for the 2016 Christmas period. The blend consists of beans from 5 plantations from the worlds top producers of fine organic coffee.

The coffee is quite complex being smooth and bright with a good body and hints of dried fruit and vanilla.

Jamaican Blue Mountain

Our Jamaican Blue Mountain is selected by Oubu Coffee, Jamaican coffee specialists who select coffees from farms and micro-farms who belong to the Jamaica Coffee Growers Association. Coffee is meticulously hand-picked and sorted before being processed. The coffee is graded after processing, the quality is incredible in terms of bean size, lack of defects and colour.

Our coffee is fully certified by the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board, [Certificate #584273] crop is 15/16, shipped in September 2016. Coffee is packed inside a GrainPro bag.

Without doubt a stunning coffee. Putting aside the price factor, the flavours and complexities are deep and nuanced. Initial palate response is that it’s a clean, bright coffee then the subtleties begin coming to the surface and establishing themselves. We had top end dark chocolate, hints of citrus and spice - somewhere between cinnamon/star anise. In a plunger or dip filter, the coffee is just sublime.

As with all our single origin coffees, this will only be roasted to order.

100% Hawaiian Kona 
Mountain Thunder Estate

Grown in the  Kaloko Cloud Forest Region between 1800 and 2000 feet on the slopes of Hualalai Volcano, on the Island of Hawaii. This rare coffee exhibits subtle black tea and peach flavours up front with a smooth creamy body, finishing with a sweet caramel. Considered as one of the worlds finest coffees.

Rosebank Organic

This limited harvest single origin organic coffee is grown in the rich volcanic soils of the Byron Bay hinterland near the village of Rosebank. Rich, smooth and sweet, it exhibits a distinctly earthy flavour and good bright acidity. It's an all-Australian product too, with every stage of production taking place within 30km of Byron Bay.

Australian Basalt Blue - Far North Queensland

A 100% Australian single origin coffee that is grown and harvested in the natural rainforest environment of the Atherton Tablelands in tropical far north Queensland. Sweet and slightly chocolaty in the cup with a low acidity and rich nutty finish. Makes a great espresso or stovetop coffee.

Cascara (Coffee Cherry Tea)

We are not sure where to put this one - it's more like a tea but it comes from coffee trees!
It is in fact the dried fruit, or cherry of the coffee plant. The outer layer of skin and mucilage which is removed prior to processing is dried and can be infused to produce a lovely, delicate fruity beverage.

Distinct flavours of date & prunes and subtle sweetness this is a real surprise.

Our cascara (meaning skin or peel in Spanish) comes from The Hut plantation up the road from us near Bangalow. It is sundried and delivered to us by Bill who owns the farm. Very limited quantity so far but well worth a try.

Mountain Top Estate - Nimbin NSW

The Northern NSW growing region is located about 200 kilometres south of Brisbane, at latitude 28° south, which is almost 1,600 kilometres from the Tropic of Capricorn. This is the most southern coffee growing region in the world, with a unique microclimatic replicating the conditions found in more equatorial coffee growing regions of 1200 meters.

Delicious flavours of ripe berries, apricots & plums. Hints of caramelised fruits & honey. Sweet & full bodied.

This is a full bodied yet well balanced coffee that's low in acidity, and sweet with a beautiful aftertaste. It's an interesting blend of beans from three different Ipanema regions: Capoeirinha, Conquista and Rio Verde. As each region favours a different processing method, the beans are a mix of fully washed, natural and pulped natural.
Not strictly a "single origin" but a blend of two high grade Daterra coffees, Sweet Yellow Bourbon and Reserve A.  When roasted to dark roast this organic coffee produces a sweet rich espresso with bright cherry/almond-almost marzipan notes.  Daterra is a thicker bodied coffee - PERFECT FOR ESPRESSO!  The floral-type fragrance and lively sweet elegant hints of clean fruit, chocolate, nuts and hints of vanilla makes this blend of beans truly a work of art.

Ipanema Gourmet

Rain Forest Alliance Certified

Rose water and sweet tea flavours upfront. Heavy bodied with a bright lemon acidity into a caramel finish.

Organic Sol Bohemio

Toasty sweet cup with notes of chocolate and buttered popcorn up front.
Soft mandarin acidity through a soft juicy body. Finishing with sweet toffee and malt.

This coffee is shade grown Rainforest Alliance and certified organic

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Costa Rican Tarrazu

The high altitude Tarrazu region is known for producing Costa Rica's best coffee beans. This is a full and rich bodied single origin coffee with excellent aroma. It has a tangy, sweet taste with a sharp and consistent level of acidity.
Costa Rican Organic 

This is a sweet and crisp coffee with some honey notes to it, due to the way it is processed, as well as a slightly floral aroma. A medium roast allows the sweetness and hints of caramel flavor to fully develop, without diminishing the bright acidity. 

Cafe de Cuba Serrano Lavado

Shade grown on the Sierra Maestro mountain range, this is a rich, full bodied, medium strength coffee with a lingering aftertaste and hints of nutty chocolate and caramel.

El Salvador Finca Espana

This single origin coffee is medium bodied with well rounded flavour, great balance with cinnamon, coconut and blood orange overtones.

Nora Lemus is a third generation coffee farmer from El Salvador and is the proud owner of several farms throughout the famous Ahuachapán region including Finca España, sitting at an altitude of 1,300 to 1,450 metres above sea level. Coffee is harvested at Finca España during the final weeks of December through most of January and February. The harvest can continue as late as March.

All coffee from the farm is carefully harvested by hand and meticulously sorted before being delivered for processing to the nearby mill; Beneficio El Carmen. The mill works with the family to process their coffee to their specifications so as to assure its quality and consistency. Currently the farm produces wet process and natural coffees, though there may be potential for more experimentation. This lot has been wet milled and fermented for 12 hours according to the mill’s stringent methods before being fully washed and laid to dry on clay patios.

Ethiopian Sidamo Fair Trade Organic

This sundried coffee is a classic. It exhibits sweetness and spice and offers a complex flavour profile due to a traditional production process that includes a number of under-ripe beans. This process is integral to the region's historic coffee culture and is well worth experiencing.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

A distinctive Ethiopian bean with its own specific regional characteristics. This coffee is extraordinarily bright with citrus, spice and some floral characteristics and rich intensity finding Kumquat and Jasmine in the cup. Definitive and offering remarkable clarity and finish, this is a brilliant single origin espresso bean.

Processing WASHED
Altitude 1400-1800 MASL

Organic & Fair Trade
58 Results
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