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Bun Coffee Raising the Single Origin Bar

May 17, 2017  |  General

Fine food Pic

We're raising the bar at the Byron Bay Fine Food & Beverage Festival with our Bun Coffee Single Origin Bar. The pop up bar will be a grown-ups chill out zone during the day long festival where our baristas will take you on a flavour journey around the world with some of our favourite coffees.

Born and bred in Byron Bay, Bun Coffee has been roasting coffee for 12 years. David, Jenny and the team are proud to be representing the local coffee industry and Northern Rivers Food members at this inaugural foodie festival where fine food producers and beverage makers from across Australia will showcase their best.

The Festival, run by Sample Events, is being held in the grounds of the award-winning Elements of Byron resort on Saturday 3 June from 11am to 7pm. The day will include:

  • Beverage and Fine Food Masterclasses,
  • Producers' and Artisans' Marquee – showcasing 50 of Australia's finest food producers
  • Winery and Beverage Marquees – showcasing 12 wineries from across Australia as well as local craft brewers, cider producers and distilleries,
  • Restaurant Marquees – where our region's finest Chefs will prepare a signature tasting plates for sale throughout the day
  • Music Stage and
  • our Bun Coffee Single Origin Bar of course!

Just like fine food and wine, there is a finesse to selecting fine coffee   Bun Coffee's master roaster David has handpicked three of his favourite Single Origins for festival goers to sample throughout the afternoon. Each of David's selections is Fairtrade and Organic.

Honduras "“ This certified organic coffee has strong flavours of fresh butter and chocolate through to the finish. It has a full smooth body and soft citrus acidity with a hint of roasted hazelnuts.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe "“ This coffee is delicate with a fruit acidity. It has a medium to light body and is sweet toned and chocolaty with hints of citrus.

PNG Purosa Valley "“ This is another certified organic coffee with great body and acidity as well as a nice spiciness and floral notes. It has strong hints of cocoa/chocolate and caramel on the finish.

Make sure you stop by the Bun Coffee Single Origin Bar during the Byron Bay Fine Food & Beverage Festival. Tickets must be pre-purchased and are available online for $20 per person at

Why is Rainforest Alliance Coffee so good?

September 12, 2016  |  General, In Store News

What makes drinking Rainforest

Alliance Coffee so good?


What makes drinking Rainforest Alliance Coffee so good?

Bun Coffee have been roasting the internationally recognised trade marked branded coffee since it began over 11 years ago and this is the story as to why.

Q: So what does Rainforest Alliance actually mean to the person drinking this interesting coffee?

A: When you stop and learn a little about how the founder of Rainforest Alliance Daniel Katz started this revolution some 30 years ago, you can taste and feel the goodness in the coffee you are enjoying. By choosing and drinking this coffee you are supporting farmers who are educated, paid correctly and who are using sustainable farming practices to farm their crops, producing some of the world's most amazing tasting coffee.

Q: What are some key principals of the Rainforest Alliance Farming practices?

A: The farmers operate an environmental and social management system that conform with their local laws.

They record and put in place ways to reduce energy use and use renewable energy where possible. This also includes protecting waterways and wetlands from erosion and contamination, prohibiting logging and deforestation and maintaining vegetation barriers.

Another key principle is the support of the people working in and managing these farms, they are paid a legal minimum wage and have access to education and healthcare services. The farms also have OH and S programs which are reducing the risks and accidents that can occur.

They are improving the soils for the long term by using organic fertilisers, propagating ground cover vegetation and natural barriers to reduce erosion and runoff of sediments to the rivers, streams and lakes.

Q: When and how did this all begin?

A; This amazing journey started in 1986 when the need respond to a crisis was recognised.

"Every minute, 50 acres (20 ha) of rainforest are destroyed, and two dozen species become extinct every day. Led by founder Daniel Katz, a group of volunteers convenes a major conference on the crisis"”and from this event, the Rainforest Alliance is born."¯ RFA website states.

We need to stop polluting and damaging our most precious rainforests and to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land use practices, business practices and consumer behaviour.

Q:How does the coffee I buy get certified by the Rainforest Alliance?

A: Coffee growers have their operations examined by inspectors. Once operations are approved, the Rainforest Alliance seal can be used on consumer products containing the produce from that farm.

Coffee producers are just one of many groups the Rainforest Alliance certifies. It offers certification of sustainable practices for timber companies, pineapple farmers, ornamental flower growers, and many other kinds of businesses.


So help us at Bun Coffee to make a difference and look out for our top shelf favourite "green packed"¯ Rainforest Alliance blend and our growing range of Rainforest Alliance single origins.

The Kenyan Connection

June 1, 2016  |  General

So They Can

A conversation over coffee between friends was the catalyst for an ongoing partnership between Bun Coffee and the not for profit organisation So They Can, empowering communities through education to break the poverty cycle.

David and Jenny Kennedy’s good friend and fellow Northern Rivers resident Mary Nelson has been involved with So They Can since it began more than eight years ago.  When she realised her friends roasted coffee beans from Kenya she saw an opportunity to establish a connection.

Since November 2014 all profits from the sale of Bun Coffee's Kenya AA single origin coffee have gone directly to So They Can.

“We saw a synergy between where our coffee is grown and the direct impact we could have on local families,” said David Kennedy.

“Part of the appeal of the partnership was that we derive many of our coffees from countries where local communities need our support.  It's the same reason we choose Fairtrade and sustainable coffees for all our blends.

“If Bun Coffee can help So They Can educate schoolchildren in Kenya and Tanzania that's fantastic.”

So They Can Children

David explains the Kenyan AA coffee is an outstanding bean and offers a very rich single origin experience.  It exhibits unique complexities of fruits and citrus, with a balanced wine-like finish that’s more noted toward dark currant fruit.

“We roast the Kenyan coffee to meet online orders,” says David “and we also regularly offer the Kenya AA at our roastery door in Byron Bay.”

So They Can CEO, Cassandra Treadwell, says the organisation is very proud to have its own So They Can Bun Coffee.

“These coffee beans are from Kenya where we are educating 960 children at our school, Aberdare Ranges Primary.  We are also supporting the education of over 2700 children living in poverty in Tanzania so they can become self-sufficient and realise their own potential.

“Funds raised from the So They Can Bun Coffee go toward the ‘brain food’ program at the  Aberdare Ranges Primary School, which gives all students two hot meals a day enabling them to learn.”

To find out more about So They Can, the amazing work they are doing and how you can help visit or order the Kenya AA coffee online here.


Bun Coffee – Our Story

October 21, 2015  |  In Store News

To celebrate our 10th birthday earlier this year we enlisted the help of Byron Video to document some of the goings-on at the roastery. We hope you enjoy discovering a little more about Bun Coffee and the fabulous team who make it all happen.

Bun Coffee Celebrates 10 years

July 22, 2015  |  In Store News

Bun Coffee's David Kennedy celebrates 10 yearsAward winning coffee roastery Bun Coffee has reached a major milestone this month with the celebration of its 10th birthday.

What began with one passionate man roasting coffee and working part time as a barista to support the business has turned into a company with 10 employees, over 135 stockists throughout Australia, 30 overseas outlets and a vibrant online store.

Roasting from its warehouse premises in the Arts & Industry Estate in Byron Bay, Bun Coffee can now be found everywhere from David Jones Food Halls and Thomas Dux stores nationwide, to The Finch Café in outback Katherine, and the iconic Nook Espresso stores on the Gold Coast.

“We also now have a distributor in Japan, with over 30 outlets introducing Bun Coffee to this growing overseas market,” says company director and master roaster David Kennedy.

David attributes his business success to not only the quality of his product but also the support he and his team give their customers.

“What I'm really proud of is the way we've developed and maintained a base of customers who love what we do and continue to drink Bun Coffee   Our aim is to make sure our café customers have the training, support and ultimately the best product that keeps their customers coming back for more,” said David.

Ten years has seen some major changes in the industry and David suggests the huge growth of coffee capules for the home market was one challenge he had to meet and overcome.

“The whole basis of our business is the freshness of the coffee we roast and with pre packed capsules it's hard to achieve that same freshness,” said David.

“We toyed with the idea of doing our own capsules, but in the end came back to our core principles of freshness and flavour and our customers have stayed with us.

“In contrast, the growth of alternative brewing methods, especially cold drip, is an industry development that has presented an opportunity to experiment and have a bit of fun.  We now offer a cold drip coffee and a carbonated cold drip coffee so our customers can sample different single origin coffees and the nuances of the flavours.”

According to David, Byron Bay has been an ideal location for Bun Coffee to grow and prosper.

“It's a great place to live, our kids love it here and the sense of community and our ability to be part of that is really rewarding.”

“We're looking to expand further into the south east Queensland market in the coming year and the Northern Rivers is perfectly situated to achieve that.”


Nook Espresso

February 24, 2015  |  Featured Retailer

Nook Espresso is an inspiring example of how to do coffee really well.  This hugely popular gem of an espresso bar right on the beach in Burleigh Heads is the brainchild of Paola Pearse and her business partner Marcus Wilkins.

This ‘hole in the wall’ began in 2008 and has been modeled in the tradition of the coffee drinking cultures of Europe and South and Central Americas.  It pumps out takeaway coffees to its loyal customers seven days a week.

With a constant stream of passersby, you get the feeling everyone knows everyone here, and if they don't they soon will.  The conversations have a consistent seaside theme with lots of chat about swell and surf conditions.

According to Paola the secret to Nook's success has been its ability to achieve the right balance between three crucial elements.

“To run a good espresso bar you need good quality freshly roasted coffee, a capable barista who is passionate about their work and views customers as friends and good equipment that is looked after properly,” she says.

“Our little ‘window' on the beach has been a brilliant success because we love what we do.

“We serve Bun Coffee's Rainforest Alliance coffee and make it our business to get to know our new customers' names and what they drink. So many of our customers have been coming since we started out that we really do consider them our friends.”

“It's great going to work knowing you can catch up on the news of the day.”

Nook has proved so popular since it began that a second store, located around the corner in Stocklands Shopping Centre, was opened in 2011.  Like the original, this second Nook Espresso was set up to deliver great coffee made by professional baristas and has been doing exactly that for the last three years.

Nook Espresso

43 Goodwin Tce

Burleigh Heads QLD 4220

Is your Decaf chemical free? Ours is.

September 18, 2014  |  In Store News

ByronBay_BunCoffee_42 ImageThe value of offering a decaffeinated coffee really came to my attention when I ran a cafe opposite a child care centre  in Sydney. Many of the mums coming in for a coffee were either breastfeeding or pregnant so a decaf option was high on their list.

The trick was to produce a decaf that tasted great and hadn’t gone through any of the chemical processes traditionally used to strip caffeine molecules from the green beans. Not only am I a fan of chemical-free products, I also know that chemicals can alter the taste and quality of the end product.

That’s where the SwissWater® Process comes in. The Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company uses water to gently remove caffeine from the green beans. If a decaffeinated coffee carries its logo you know that not only is the coffee 99.9% caffeine free, it has also undergone a 100% chemical-free process.

You can read all the technical detail about the Swiss Water® Process on their website

You’ll see why there was only one choice for us when we decided to include an organic decaffeinated coffee in the Bun Coffee retail range.

Bun Coffee picks up medal at AICA

June 6, 2014  |  In Store News

Cafe Blend Bun Coffee has been awarded a bronze medal in the 2014 Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA) for its Café Blend 100% Arabica.

Bun Coffee's blend received its medal in the Cappuccino category, with judges commenting on the blend's robust cacao flavour, bittersweet notes and lingering almond like finish.

Roaster David Kennedy said it was an honour to be recognised for one of his original blends.

"The Café Blend evolved many years ago to meet our café customers' demand for a flavoursome cup using Arabica beans."¯

"It's great that it can still hold its own against strong competition in what is now a bigger market of speciality coffee roasters."¯

This is the second year the AICA awards have been held   The competition is conducted by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV) and regarded as the Asia Pacific's premier coffee roasting competition.


Cold Drip Coffee

March 31, 2014  |  In Store News

cold drip coffee

Cold Drip coffee is suddenly everywhere you look. Speciality roasters and coffee houses are experimenting with this brewing method and having a lot of fun doing so.

But what is it and can you make it at home?

At Bun Coffee we’ve been busy brewing cold drip because I like the way it brings out the unique qualities of our single origin coffees. Our customers are drinking it with or without milk, and it’s been particularly popular as an afternoon drink when the heat and humidity builds up.

Essentially what the cold drip brewing method does is give you all the flavour of coffee with lower acidity, low astringency and less bitterness.

It achieves this because the extraction of flavours and compounds from cold drip brewed coffee is different to that of an espresso. Espresso brewed at 93-96C for a short period has been identified as the ideal brewing temperature to bring out the best coffee flavours. Hotter and too much bitterness is apparent and unpleasant aromas result. Cooler and the coffee presents as too sour.

Conversely cold water brewing involves a very long process to bring out the coffee flavours. Time is the key. Cold filtered water drips through filter paper into the coffee grounds and slowly makes its way out the other end. Liquid literally drips at one drip per second, taking eight to 10 hours to fill a 3.5 litre container. Try to extract too quickly with cold water and the brew is insipid and unpleasant.

From our experience, customers like cold drip coffee for the opportunity it presents to try something different with single origin coffees. An added bonus is that the process also looks fabulous. Our Tiamo cold drip coffee maker at the roastery is a work of art, a beautiful timber and glass piece that looks like it belongs in a science lab. You can buy smaller versions for home use (there is one available on our website) and as long as you have the patience, you’ll be on your way and ready to experiment.

New Product – Limited Harvest

October 15, 2013  |  General

New Product

Limited Harvest

Discover the delights of single origin and micro lot beans with our new range of rare Limited Harvest coffees.

Designed to showcase the highly desirable flavours from small coffee plantations around the world, this is your opportunity to try something really special.

The appeal of the Limited Harvest range lies in its limited availability. While we have always offered fresh roasted single origin coffees, this range highlights those that are particularly unique, often coming from farms as small as five hectares with limited worldwide distribution.

From a roasting perspective it is a privilege to receive two bags of rare green beans, roast them to perfection and then share the coffee with our customers.

Limited Harvest coffees are available in a stylish 250g tin, both online and at selected stockists.

Check online to see what we are roasting now.



Our exclusive range of Limited Harvest Tins

Our exclusive range of Limited Harvest Tins