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Father’s Day Blend at Sample Food Festival Bangalow

August 17, 2017  |  General


Father’s Day is just around the corner on the first Sunday of September and we are primed to celebrate with our exclusive Bun Coffee Father’s Day Blend. The blend will be available from our roastery door at Bun Coffee HQ in Byron Bay and online, perfect for that Father’s Day gift solution.

Our roastery team gets a kick out of creating unique coffee blends for special occasions and Bun Coffee Father’s Day Blend is no exception.

"This one is rich and strong," says Bun Coffee owner and master roaster David.

"It has a beautiful caramel characteristic and a liquorice finish that any coffee loving Dad would enjoy with his breakfast in bed on Father’s Day."

The Father’s Day Blend combines beans from Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico. It has a special place in David's heart, father of three, as it was the first coffee blend he created back in 1989 while running his café / patisserie in Glebe, Sydney. Back then, it was the café's signature coffee blend. When David moved north to start Bun Coffee in Byron Bay, he changed the coffee's name to Fathers' Day Blend in honour of all the Dads working on the Bun Coffee team.

Bun Coffee will be selling our unique Fathers' Day blend at the upcoming annual Sample Food Festival to be held in the Bangalow Showgrounds near Byron Bay on the eve of Father’s Day "“ Saturday 2 September. It's the first time Bun Coffee has participated in the festival the team is excited to be involved.

The Sample Food Festival has been running since 2011 and attracts around 10,000 visitors. The day is a foodie's cornucopia of growers, producers, food manufacturers, chefs and food industry businesses coming together to share their food, passion and knowledge.

"Each year, foodies have the opportunity to "˜sample' the best food and beverage the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales has to offer," says owner Jenny.

"At this year's Festival, visitors will have the chance to sample a range Bun Coffee blends throughout the day. So, come down early for breakfast and stay as long as you like. The coffee will be brewing all day to keep you caffeinated as you taste your way around the delicious sample plates on offer."

The Bun Coffee Father’s Day Blend will be available to come and grab for Dad at the Byron Roastery from Monday 28th August.

The Sample Food Festival will be held on Saturday 2 September from 8am "“ 4pm in the Bangalow Showgrounds.

Bun Coffee celebrates our 12th Birthday

July 19, 2017  |  General
Bun Coffee celebrates 12th Birthday

Bun Coffee celebrates 12th Birthday

It's Bun Coffee's 12th Birthday this month. To celebrate our "˜pre-teen' milestone, we sat down with David and Jenny Kennedy "“ the founders and owners of the business "“ to look back on how far they've come and what's next.

Q: David, when did you decide that you wanted to become a coffee roaster:

David: It was back in 1989. My brother and I started a Café/ French Pattisserie in Glebe, called Le Chocorêve. I wanted to find something unique about our coffee and that's when I first met the team from Gourmet Gold Coffee- an artisan coffee roasting outfit "“ to create a special blend. I worked with them to develop a special blend for our café and to sell as take home beans. They got me in to show me how they blend and roast coffee and I was totally captivated. It was love at first sight. I ended up joining their business a few years later and eventually went on to become their head coffee roaster.

Q: How did you end up in Byron Bay?

Jenny: We spent so many fantastic holidays in Byron Bay over the years and like so many of us thought: "˜How can we live up here?' David had spent five years mastering coffee roasting. We had opened another café in Sydney called Bun Café, which we sold three years later, and we were looking for the next thing. That's when we decided to test the waters further north. In 2005, we began roasting coffee in Byron Bay, and thanks to all of the support of our customers we haven't looked back.

Q: How many stockists does Bun Coffee have now.?

David: It's more than 100 "“ right across Australia – and Japan as well.

Q: Describe a typical day at Bun Coffee HQ?

Jenny: I can tell you that there is no typical day! Every day is a new day and our fabulous, supportive team wear many hats. We are so grateful to them. It's not unusual to find David chatting to our customers in the espresso bar, many of whom we can call friends. They usually talk local issues or music. David sometimes helps out our baristas with making the coffees because he loves being behind the machines so much. It's hard to keep him away sometimes! Meanwhile, the roaster will be firing up next door while I check in with the staff and make plans for the day. Sometimes David hits the road to meet with customers or help out café owners with their coffee machines.

Q:  What is your favourite Bun Coffee bean and how do you drink it?

David: Double ristretto.

Jenny: I love our Bun Coffee Christmas Blend and it's a long black for me.

Q: What's in store for Bun Coffee in your 13th year of roasting coffee in Byron Bay?

David: While coffee roasting is our passion, we are ultimately driven by our customers. We are always looking at innovations and trends that perk the interest of our customers and align with our passion. Stay tuned for something exciting we are launching at the espresso bar in the coming months!

Jenny: The War on Waste television programme created a lot of interest among coffee consumers and environmentalists in Australia around sustainability. We are proud to be using compostable cups and lids for our espresso bar takeaway coffees. They are made using 60% less energy than regular takeaway cups. This means we are helping to make a difference one cup at a time!  Right now, we are also investigating solar panels for our roastery roof, to harness the power of the sun.

Q: What is the best thing about your jobs besides the coffee on tap?

David: Being your own boss is great but I mostly enjoy the creativity that comes with roasting your own coffee.

Jenny: It's true. He loves the roasting part! It's almost an adrenalin rush for David. Like caffeine, coffee roasting is quite addictive!

Q: How central is the local community to Bun Coffee's success?

Jenny: It's everything. They helped us get off the ground in the early days and that's why we see "˜giving back' to the local community as one of our drivers. We have kids of our own and so we know there is a real need to support causes for young people in Byron Bay. We donate our coffee cart to all sorts of local school and fundraising events. At the moment, we are also selling our used coffee sacks from the espresso bar for $2 each, with all monies going to the Byron Youth Service. The sacks have some great designs that people are using creatively in home decoration.

Bun Coffee Raising the Single Origin Bar

May 17, 2017  |  General

Fine food Pic

We're raising the bar at the Byron Bay Fine Food & Beverage Festival with our Bun Coffee Single Origin Bar. The pop up bar will be a grown-ups chill out zone during the day long festival where our baristas will take you on a flavour journey around the world with some of our favourite coffees.

Born and bred in Byron Bay, Bun Coffee has been roasting coffee for 12 years. David, Jenny and the team are proud to be representing the local coffee industry and Northern Rivers Food members at this inaugural foodie festival where fine food producers and beverage makers from across Australia will showcase their best.

The Festival, run by Sample Events, is being held in the grounds of the award-winning Elements of Byron resort on Saturday 3 June from 11am to 7pm. The day will include:

  • Beverage and Fine Food Masterclasses,
  • Producers' and Artisans' Marquee – showcasing 50 of Australia's finest food producers
  • Winery and Beverage Marquees – showcasing 12 wineries from across Australia as well as local craft brewers, cider producers and distilleries,
  • Restaurant Marquees – where our region's finest Chefs will prepare a signature tasting plates for sale throughout the day
  • Music Stage and
  • our Bun Coffee Single Origin Bar of course!

Just like fine food and wine, there is a finesse to selecting fine coffee   Bun Coffee's master roaster David has handpicked three of his favourite Single Origins for festival goers to sample throughout the afternoon. Each of David's selections is Fairtrade and Organic.

Honduras "“ This certified organic coffee has strong flavours of fresh butter and chocolate through to the finish. It has a full smooth body and soft citrus acidity with a hint of roasted hazelnuts.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe "“ This coffee is delicate with a fruit acidity. It has a medium to light body and is sweet toned and chocolaty with hints of citrus.

PNG Purosa Valley "“ This is another certified organic coffee with great body and acidity as well as a nice spiciness and floral notes. It has strong hints of cocoa/chocolate and caramel on the finish.

Make sure you stop by the Bun Coffee Single Origin Bar during the Byron Bay Fine Food & Beverage Festival. Tickets must be pre-purchased and are available online for $20 per person at

Bluesfest 2017

April 11, 2017  |  General

Bun Coffee ….. the legal drug to get you through Bluesfest


Bun Coffee is back at the 28th Annual Byron Bay Bluesfest. It's our seventh year supplying the one legal drug that helps festival goers get through the five days of music, camping, dancing and good times.

Bluesfest is a fun time of year for us as well, filled with friends and family who make their annual pilgrimage to Byron Bay to enjoy the music and festivities   It's also a busy time of year, with David heading out to the festival site to bump in six coffee machines and coffee equipment as well as 30,000 Biocups, while our hardworking staff hold the fort at Bun Coffee HQ in Byron Bay, dispatching last minute Easter orders and keeping the coffee flowing at our café and retail space.

What Bun Coffee will we serve at Bluesfest?

During the Byron Bay Bluesfest we will typically go though more than 200 kilograms of freshly roasted coffee beans. That's a lot of caffeine right there! We always use our 100% Organic Certified Fair Trade blend for Bluesfest, which is a great full bodied medium strength coffee that ticks all the sustainability boxes.

When it's show time, David is kept busy back and forth to the festival site, delivering freshly roasted coffee beans and providing equipment support   He often finds himself re-stocking very early in the mornings when the site is eerily quiet and lonely. But between delivering reinforcements, David always makes sure he finds time to catch some of his favourite music as well.

David is an avid music lover, as is his brother-in-law, ABC 91.7 Gold Coast radio presenter Matt Webber. On the Thursday afternoon at Bluesfest, after Matt has finished his ABC Drive program during which he is going to hold a fun filled interview with our very own master coffee roaster (a.k.a. David!), you might spot the two of them venturing through the various music tents listening out for new talent   Last year they discovered St Paul and the Broken Bones. Over the years, they have also shared some memorable Bluesfest performance highlights, including Iggy Pop and Bob Dylan. This year David hopes to see Turin Brakes and Carlos Santana and, of course, some new talent!

Where do I find Bun Coffee at Bluesfest?

This year you can find Bun Coffee in the Big Red Tent, which is right in the middle of the Bluesfest site near the Crossroads Stage. The Red Tent is a central meeting point and chill out zone where Bun Coffee will have three machines brewing delicious coffee all day.

We will also have two other sites, both just outside the perimeter fence in the Camping areas. These machines normally operate from 6:00am until midday and can get very busy around breakfast time! We are also supplying coffee to the artists and crew areas backstage.

We want to thank Byron Bay Bluesfest Director Peter Noble for supporting a local Byron company such as Bun Coffee.

Happy Bluesfest groovers!

This year's Byron Bay Bluesfest runs from Thursday 13 April to Monday 17 April. For further information

Why is Rainforest Alliance Coffee so good?

September 12, 2016  |  General, In Store News

What makes drinking Rainforest

Alliance Coffee so good?


What makes drinking Rainforest Alliance Coffee so good?

Bun Coffee have been roasting the internationally recognised trade marked branded coffee since it began over 11 years ago and this is the story as to why.

Q: So what does Rainforest Alliance actually mean to the person drinking this interesting coffee?

A: When you stop and learn a little about how the founder of Rainforest Alliance Daniel Katz started this revolution some 30 years ago, you can taste and feel the goodness in the coffee you are enjoying. By choosing and drinking this coffee you are supporting farmers who are educated, paid correctly and who are using sustainable farming practices to farm their crops, producing some of the world's most amazing tasting coffee.

Q: What are some key principals of the Rainforest Alliance Farming practices?

A: The farmers operate an environmental and social management system that conform with their local laws.

They record and put in place ways to reduce energy use and use renewable energy where possible. This also includes protecting waterways and wetlands from erosion and contamination, prohibiting logging and deforestation and maintaining vegetation barriers.

Another key principle is the support of the people working in and managing these farms, they are paid a legal minimum wage and have access to education and healthcare services. The farms also have OH and S programs which are reducing the risks and accidents that can occur.

They are improving the soils for the long term by using organic fertilisers, propagating ground cover vegetation and natural barriers to reduce erosion and runoff of sediments to the rivers, streams and lakes.

Q: When and how did this all begin?

A; This amazing journey started in 1986 when the need respond to a crisis was recognised.

"Every minute, 50 acres (20 ha) of rainforest are destroyed, and two dozen species become extinct every day. Led by founder Daniel Katz, a group of volunteers convenes a major conference on the crisis"”and from this event, the Rainforest Alliance is born." RFA website states.

We need to stop polluting and damaging our most precious rainforests and to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land use practices, business practices and consumer behaviour.

Q:How does the coffee I buy get certified by the Rainforest Alliance?

A: Coffee growers have their operations examined by inspectors. Once operations are approved, the Rainforest Alliance seal can be used on consumer products containing the produce from that farm.

Coffee producers are just one of many groups the Rainforest Alliance certifies. It offers certification of sustainable practices for timber companies, pineapple farmers, ornamental flower growers, and many other kinds of businesses.


So help us at Bun Coffee to make a difference and look out for our top shelf favourite "green packed" Rainforest Alliance blend and our growing range of Rainforest Alliance single origins.

The Kenyan Connection

June 1, 2016  |  General

So They Can

A conversation over coffee between friends was the catalyst for an ongoing partnership between Bun Coffee and the not for profit organisation So They Can, empowering communities through education to break the poverty cycle.

David and Jenny Kennedy’s good friend and fellow Northern Rivers resident Mary Nelson has been involved with So They Can since it began more than eight years ago.  When she realised her friends roasted coffee beans from Kenya she saw an opportunity to establish a connection.

Since November 2014 all profits from the sale of Bun Coffee's Kenya AA single origin coffee have gone directly to So They Can.

“We saw a synergy between where our coffee is grown and the direct impact we could have on local families,” said David Kennedy.

“Part of the appeal of the partnership was that we derive many of our coffees from countries where local communities need our support.  It's the same reason we choose Fairtrade and sustainable coffees for all our blends.

“If Bun Coffee can help So They Can educate schoolchildren in Kenya and Tanzania that's fantastic.”

So They Can Children

David explains the Kenyan AA coffee is an outstanding bean and offers a very rich single origin experience.  It exhibits unique complexities of fruits and citrus, with a balanced wine-like finish that’s more noted toward dark currant fruit.

“We roast the Kenyan coffee to meet online orders,” says David “and we also regularly offer the Kenya AA at our roastery door in Byron Bay.”

So They Can CEO, Cassandra Treadwell, says the organisation is very proud to have its own So They Can Bun Coffee.

“These coffee beans are from Kenya where we are educating 960 children at our school, Aberdare Ranges Primary.  We are also supporting the education of over 2700 children living in poverty in Tanzania so they can become self-sufficient and realise their own potential.

“Funds raised from the So They Can Bun Coffee go toward the ‘brain food’ program at the  Aberdare Ranges Primary School, which gives all students two hot meals a day enabling them to learn.”

To find out more about So They Can, the amazing work they are doing and how you can help visit or order the Kenya AA coffee online here.


Three Figs Cafe

April 27, 2016  |  Featured Retailer

IMG_1910 (1)

There aren't many places where you can enjoy a great coffee and watch kangaroos graze, however at Three Figs Café it's an almost daily occurrence.

Three Figs Café is located at the entrance to the Ecovillage at Currumbin, an international award winning sustainable community on 270 acres in the Gold Coast hinterland.

Housed in an historic 100 year old house the café exudes a homely charm, complete with spaces reminiscent of someone's kitchen, lounge or dining room.

Café owner and operator Mirella Jakimoff started the café in August 2011 and says the location makes it pretty special.

“The Café was intended to compliment the Ecovillage, providing a hub for residents to meet, as well as being a place for locals and visitors to come and enjoy the view across the green valleys.”

“From the outset I wanted to create a place where customers felt comfortable, where they could talk and enjoy their time, relax a little, just as they might at home,” explains Mirella.

“With the help of a fantastic team we've achieved that. We have a focus on locally sourced food and fresh made meals and our dedicated baristas play an important role in keeping the coffee connoisseurs coming back for more.

“I personally like to drink smooth, rich, good coffee so we use Bun Coffee's Café blend which is roasted nearby in Byron Bay. The coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified which makes it a terrific fit with the philosophy of the Ecovillage.”

Three Figs Café compliments its natural environment and at different times during the day customers can feel enveloped by nature, whether it be listening to the frogs in the pond, watching the kangaroos or just taking in the fresh valley air.

“Three Figs Café is a very happy environment and I enjoy opening the doors every day – you can't wish for more than that,” says Mirella.


Three Figs Café

639 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin QLD 4223

Wednesday to Friday 8am-2pm, Saturday & Sunday 8am-4pm

Closed: Monday/Tuesday

Bun Coffee & Bluesfest

March 17, 2016  |  In Store News

For the fourth consecutive year Bun Coffee is gearing up to meet the caffeine needs of festivalgoers at the Byron Bay Bluesfest.

From Thursday to Monday over the Easter weekend Bun Coffee will coordinate and deliver fresh roasted coffee beans to the main ‘Red Tent’ coffee area, the campground's General Store and the backstage Artists and Crew area.

Image 3

Photo: Tao Jones

"We supply our certified Organic blend to all areas, as well as fit out the sites with coffee machines, barista equipment and coffee cups etc,” said Bun Coffee's owner David Kennedy.

"Organic seems to be the perfect fit for a Byron Bay event and the festival presents a terrific opportunity for new customers from all over Australia to try our coffee.

“With Bluesfest now attracting an audience of over 100,000 people, it's a busy few days but I love doing it because it combines two of my great passions, music and coffee.

"I get to see festivalgoers enjoying Bun Coffee and I also get to hear some amazing musicians while I'm on site.

"This year I'm hoping to see Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds and Jason Isbell, amongst others, both of whom promise to deliver great shows.”

As well as being a master coffee roaster, David Kennedy has spent most of his adult life playing guitar and singing in bands. He has an enviable collection of guitars at home including a Martin D35.

His preferred genre of music is Blues and Rock but as long as the music is good David is more than willing to listen.

"And that's the thing about the Bluesfest which is fantastic,” says David.

"It's Blues but it's also a lot more diverse than that, so I get to hear artists that I probably wouldn't seek out and I love that side of it. "

Byron Bay Bluesfest is on Thursday 24 March to Monday 28 March. For further information

Bun Coffee – Our Story

October 21, 2015  |  In Store News

To celebrate our 10th birthday earlier this year we enlisted the help of Byron Video to document some of the goings-on at the roastery. We hope you enjoy discovering a little more about Bun Coffee and the fabulous team who make it all happen.

Blue Kitchen Cafe

August 5, 2015  |  Featured Retailer

Sometimes in the unlikeliest of locations you can find the most inspiring of businesses.

This is certainly the case for Blue Kitchen Gourmet Foods. Hidden in the shadow of the Norco head office and rural store in South Lismore, this multi dimensional business makes a beautiful range of gourmet sauces and pastes, operates a café and runs a local catering service.

Blue Kitchen Gourmet Foods had been in existence for 12 years when new owners, Franni Austen and Jamie Fell, purchased it just over a year ago.

“We saw the potential in Blue Kitchen, the name, the history, the idea of using local northern rivers raw products and getting the rest of Australia on board with good healthy eating and cooking,” said Franni.

“We decided to stay in the original premises, which was essentially a factory and commercial kitchen for sauce production, but expand on the concept to include a café and catering.

“It was evident the South Lismore area could do with another café where folks can come and sit and feel at home.  I love the idea that we're in the industrial side of town yet the food Jamie cooks is so inventive, healthy and delicious.

“The cafe opens early and a lot of tradesmen stop by, as do the Norco office workers on their daily coffee run, as well as the farmers picking up supplies from next door.”

Franni adds that every third Saturday of the month it's ‘cars and coffee day’ where a group of vintage and hot rod cars meet and greet.

“It's loads of fun and a good morning to grab a coffee and wander the carpark to admire the restored cars,” she said.

“Coffee is of prime importance to our business,” says Franni “so we chose Bun Coffee's Certified Organic Coffee because it ticks both the local and organic boxes for us.

“The roastery is located nearby in Byron, we can call the roaster if we need advice and the organic blend tastes great – what more could we want.”

Blue Kitchen Café also has a distinct and quirky nod to the music scene with prized guitars hanging on the walls and personal collections of music legend figurines adorning the shelves.

And of course there's the ‘Elvis Burger’ ,a burger so delicious and so large that it is gaining legendary status amongst its followers. If you can devour it in record time, you might just find your name on the wall!


Blue Kitchen Gourmet Foods & Cafe

Shop 1, Windmill Grove Complex

107 Wilson Street, South Lismore NSW 2480

tel: (02) 6622 7192

Trading Hours:

Monday to Friday 6.30am – 3.00pm, Saturday 7.00am – 1.00pm